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*Mighty, Very Strong, Almighty*

This artwork represents the woman (Yinaa). It shows her strength, power, resilience and beauty. Within this work, there are women sitting together within clusters of meeting places or camps (Ngurang). These meeting places symbolise community- our tribe. They symbolise the togetherness of women. The opportunity great women share- by empowering, lifting others and celebrating one-another’s successes, anything is possible.

There are pathways (Murruway) within this piece, winding within the concentric circles. These pathways celebrate the opportunities we have as women and our ability to prosper. I have kept them within the meeting place to anchor the artwork back idea of unity and strength from strong women.

Scattered also within the meeting place are the stars (Budhu)- the stars within this work represent the matriarchal strength we have from our ancestors, who live amongst the stars. The strength that allows us to do what we do, so well.

Finally, there is the wind (Girray)- The wind within this artwork conjures up images of the woman, standing tall and powerful and free.


This artwork was commissioned by Wella Professionals ANZ as part of a collaboration for their 2021 Christmas Packs.

“We are honoured to announce our Artistic collaboration with Australian Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and proud Wiradjuri​ Woman Amanda Hinkelmann to tell the ‘Wella Woman’ story via First Nation Art & Symbolism.⁠⁠
The Wella Woman is one of us: she is Warm, Brave, Relatable, Powerful and Bold ⁠⁠
Amanda brings these qualities to life in her beautiful paintings: YARRUWALA and DUGU-WAY-BUL.​⁠⁠
These incredible works tell stories of women’s unity, diversity and support for each other – of a Modern Woman and all that she is: Brave and Unstoppable.​⁠⁠
Australian Aboriginal Art uses symbols to preserve the culture and tradition, to tell the stories, to teach survival and use of the land.⁠⁠
Symbolism is a language originated from the impulse to honour that which we, humans, hold most sacred and important.⁠⁠”
* Various sizes available
* Unframed Cotton Rag option
* Framed or unframed Canvas option.
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