Wiraywinhangin Marramarra


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This piece has sold through Love Moroccan Rugs, Mornington.


Represented within this artwork is the idea of The Dreaming and the traditional stories taught to us as children. The stories we pass to our children. It represents the
animals, people and spirits within these Dreaming stories that are taught to us, often to teach a lesson or provide a moral for life.
During the creation period, animals, people and spirits supported the beginnings of life on Mother Earth. Their actions and behaviour, either good or bad, made the land
and creatures the way we know them today.
Through its wayward creation, this artwork entertains the idea of all of the cheeky and mischievous bodies that feature in many of the Dreaming Stories, where we
learned some of our values, morals and how to behave and move through life. We learnt through the telling of these stories and the mistakes that were made from

This is a sister piece of ‘Marramarra’- Create, make, do.

124cm by 94cm
Acrylic on canvas