My paintings tell a unique story from my life, my experiences, my thoughts, my culture. Stories in which are carried with me and sometimes only told through art.

Many of my artworks draw inspiration from my home town of Wagga Wagga, a place in which I am deeply connected to. They also share stories of resilience, of strength and of the power of women. Some artworks are of my family and a small few are of the Dreamtime- sharing Aboriginal culture and storytelling in a contemporary Aboriginal art style.

Many of my ideas simmer and bubble away, with intimate details being thought out. Each painting is a mix of both creativity and thoughtfulness, intuition yet meticulous conception.

My colour palette has settled to be drawn more from Earthy, natural and feminine tones, with combinations of colour developed depending on the mood, the story and the feeling I am creating.

From examining the blank canvas, to wrapping and sending off, my art is created with love and detail. It is my passion, my pathway and my being.

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